Intuitive human computer interaction using visual perception and computer graphics.

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- Patents (2, UK) granted: Image browsing methods (granted in 2012, filed on Oct 2008), Displaying images as a spiral of helix film strip (granted in 2013, filed on Oct 2008)

- check Photoscope3D, a 3D image browser app for iPhone featuring Imagetron technology (in collaboration with Ingleforge ltd.)

- first iPhone demo application for image browsing (Imagetron1) available (Nov 2009.)

- Imagetron 3D image browsing methods of Visual Perception were presented during the Human Computer Interaction conference (HCI2009, Cambridge UK) at the Open House Festival on the 2nd of September 2009. (Download PDF flyer )


This site is about promoting and presenting new interaction methods between humans and computers.  Specifically, these methods try to exploit the human perception and cognition mechanisms through computer graphics and animation techniques. This combination leads to natural and efficient human computer interaction which lifts many of the frustrations and inefficiencies of todays user interfaces.


Quite a few similar ideas have been presented until now. The Visual Perception effort tries to introduce many more methods in the same direction. Recently Microsoft's Windows Vista 'Flip 3D' and Apple’s 'Cover Flow' (used in the iPhone) are two commercial examples of using natural and intuitive interaction with the use of three dimensional graphics. The ‘Desktop Cube’ and the ‘Shift Switcher’ of Compiz Fusion is also another example from the open source community in the same direction.

Some older research examples are the 'Cone and Cam trees' and the 'Perspective wall' designed and implemented in Xerox research. Some pictures of these pre-existing, 3D interaction methods can be seen here.

A short video about existing commercial 3D user interfaces and the Visual Perception proposition can be seen here (in youtube).


The business proposition and information can be found here. (password protected, please contact for permission to access it)


A draft list of the newly introduced Visual Perception interaction methods follow:


- Imagetron: 3D picture (or visual item) browsing (including video demos) and  here are the initial draft sketches and drawings


- An older proposal/page about 3D picture (or visual item) browsing is here.


- Perspective text browsing (including the cylindrical browsing method (text cylinder) which is a substitute for 2D combo and list boxes.)


- A novel scroll bar.



Some of the ideas are inspired by the work of Evangelos Pappas-Katsiafas in his thesis about text visualisation methods. An extremely similar to the ‘cylinder’ method is also found in Apple’s iPhone calendar date chooser. A comparison of the two can be found here. And here you can see Steve Job’s email response to the similarity.