Imagetron image browsing

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Imagetrons (of Visual Perception) are a set of image browsing methods in three dimensional space. They provide a way of browsing large sequences of images simultaneously on a computer display, such that the images and their sequence may be easily perceived and identified. Geometries foud in nature like spirals and conic helixes are deployed to compose and present intuitive visualisations of image sequences. Intuitive animation and user interaction mechanisms are also deployed to make the task of image browsing compelling and pleasant. Imagetrons are applicable to photo album browsing, menu browsing, file system browsing, on-line catalog browsing, mobile phones, set-top boxes, personal computers with display and a great variety of appliances with a computer display in general.

Advantages of the methods can be:
1. Able to depict a long sequence of images in a small area, with the sequence being very clear
2. Intuitive browsing/shifting of images without discontinuities on the edges of the screen
3. Intuitive and simple metaphor of (double) spiral and film roll. (We found the way to store more efficiently a long sequence of images with film rolls and reels, why not using this for browsing them? Nature also uses spirals to store a long animal: nautilus, snail, etc.)
4. Intuitive vortex-like animation - we are well aware of the way water goes down the drain!

5. Display of images which are not overlapping or are only slightly overlapping.

Please note the demo videos are just from very early proof of concept prototypes which are far from a polished product. They just prove that the proposed methods can be implemented in various platforms (mobile/handheld/laptop) with ease and without risk.


double decked cone

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double spiral / conic helix

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single spiral / conic helix

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(test_spiral4 1.8 MB)


(test_spiral2 2.3 MB)

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double exponential


Nokia series 60

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double spiral / conic helix (b)

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double spiral / conic helix (vertical)

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quad spiral

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single film roll





single film roll (b)

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single film roll (c)

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double film roll

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quad exponential

image only

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