3D Picture browsing


flick through many pictures efficiently and intuitively.

See the design and examples here (password protected) 


This is a proposition about browsing through many pictures by placing them favourably and helpfully in a three dimensional space. The user can see hundreds of pictures at a glance and flick through them intuitively by bringing the most wanted pictures in the foreground.


Digital cameras have enabled users to take a huge amount of pictures through their life. Managing such a repository of pictures has become an tedious task. This method provides a visual solution to this problem. This browsing method is also applicable to other items that can have a visual representation e.g. pages, documents, words, files, etc.


The detailed design of this method is not in the public domain due to copyright issues. There is an early implementation of the method and some design documents in this password protected area


Please contact me for more details and if you wish to see the method confidentially.