Vangelis Pappas-Katsiafas

        Department of Computation
        MSS Building,
        Manchester M60 1QD
        tel. (+ 44 161) 200 3388
        fax. (+ 44 161) 200 3324

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  • Diploma of Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens
  • MSc in Information Systems Engineering at the Time Lab of UMIST
  • PhD candidate at the Time Lab of UMIST
  • full length CV (formatted text version) 


    "Interactive Querying and Visualisation on Temporal Databases" postcript version 200+ K

    Hallo, A little information about me:

    In 1995 I acquired my MSc degree by attending a research course in the department of computation at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. The topic of my MSc is Interactive Visualisation in Temporal DataBases. I'm attempting to combine Computer Graphics, Human-Computer Interaction, Virtual Reality, and Database technology This project is entitled: EuOrasis

     I'm currently a PhD candite at the same department. The aim of my PhD is to complete the EuOrasis project. The project has been frozen due to a luck of funds.

    click the eyeball picture to see some information about the project.

    More GENERAL INFO about me, and some IDEAS 

    Virtual Reality... try sample worlds in VRML 2 and 1 format

    VRML 2.0 : rotating 3D bar chart, cylinder text visualisation ,clearer text, (animated cylinder), Animated torus with spreadsheet wrapped around it (vertical scroll), (horizontal scroll)

    (the following are a bit out of date these days (Sept'98) but still working...)
    you will need a VRML 1.0 compatible viewer to see it
    * The 3D bars visualisation world. try it...
    * The tunel visualisation world. (increased complexity)
    * The UMIST 3D logo visualisation world. (medium complexity)

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